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Vehicle Repair Process

Our Process

Preliminary Estimate

First, you will come in for a preliminary estimate. This means that any visible damage to your vehicle will be documented and an computerized estimate will be written to determine the amount of damage as well as the reparability of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not drivable; we can either tow the vehicle to our shop or help you make arrangements to have your vehicle towed to our shop.

Disassembly is the next step for a non-drivable car. Our estimate will help to determine the approximate cost of the repair. However, hidden damage often cannot be seen until after the vehicle is disassembled.

Scheduling Repairs and Ordering Parts

When here for your preliminary estimate we can schedule your vehicle for repair. This will be based on when we can fit your vehicle into our schedule as well as when it is convenient for you to have it repaired. We can also schedule one of our on-site  rental cars during this time. Once the preliminary estimate has been approved by your insurance company (typically a few days) we can begin to order all the parts needed to repair your vehicle. 

Drop Off and Disassembly

On your schedule day, you will drop your vehicle off with us and either pick up your rental at that time, have a driver to take you home, or if you live locally; one of our staff will be more than happy to give you a ride. Once dropped off, our expert technicians will begin the "tear down" process. This means that they will begin to disassemble your vehicle and look for any hidden damage that was not visible at the time of the preliminary estimate. 

Use of a Supplement 

After disassembly, a complete damage repair estimate is completed. This is when the estimator and the technicians collect all the information needed to write a full and complete estimate including any of the hidden damage found during the tear-down process. This information is sent to your insurance company through a process called a "supplement" and the repair continues.

Structural and Mechanical Repair

Once a complete estimate has been completed, the structural and mechanical repairs will be made. During structural repair, your vehicle’s body is returned to the factory specifications. Our  ultrasonic laser measuring system is used to monitor all these actions. A computer and laser-based measurement system is used to analyze the frame of your vehicle to return it to factory specifications. This system ensures accurate repairs and gives you the confidence that your vehicle is being repaired safely and properly.

Body Repair

During the body repair stage, our technicians repair or replace any and all body panels that sustained damage from the impact or collision. Your vehicle begins to take shape as sheet metal is installed and body work is completed. After the body repair stage, the vehicle will be prepped for the paint stage.

Paint Stage

After the body work is completed, the body panels are prepared for paint application. The panels are primed and sealed to enable better paint adhesion. Your vehicle will then be painted to the color-code specific to your vehicle. We mix our own paint in-house and guarantee color and texture match on our paint jobs. Once the vehicle has been painted, we will then buff your vehicle to eliminate any imperfections. We are proud to use Valspar brand paint.

** We have two paint booths on site. One regular car booth and one truck booth to accommodate all types of cars to service vehicles and large trucks.


During the reassembly stage, the final moldings and detail pieces are placed onto your vehicle. This is also the time that we will take care of any wheel alignments, A/C charges, airbag resets, or any other dealer related item that your vehicle needs to bring it back to pre-accident condition.

Final Details

During the detailing stage, both the exterior and interior of your vehicle are cleaned.  A final quality control inspection is performed to ensure that your vehicle is returned to pre-accident condition and that nothing was overlooked during the repair. The estimator will inspect your vehicle to make sure that all repairs have been properly completed and that your vehicle is ready for delivery.

Customer Delivery Contact

Once we determine that your vehicle is ready for pick up, we will contact you to set up a time to pick up the vehicle.


This is the final stage to your repair! Upon arrival we will go over the completed estimate to show you any hidden damages that we found on your vehicle. We will then show you your vehicle to make sure you are satisfied with the repair. At this time, a final bill is given to you for your records and the rental car (if utilized) will be returned. If your repair was filed through an insurance company, you will then pay the deductible (if applicable), and the insurance company is billed for all repairs. If the repair is paid out-of-pocket, you will then be responsible to pay the full amount at this time.

We strive to make your vehicle repair process as smooth and convenient as possible! At any time before, during, or after the repair of your vehicle; should questions arise, please feel free to contact us and our staff will gladly answer any and all questions that you may have!

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